Living Room Lighting

Highlight Architecture

The living room is generally the largest room in the house, a hub of activity where a variety of activities take place day and night. Highlighted the room’s intricate period mouldings with a subtle strip of LED lights that calls attention to the architectural history of the space while giving it a contemporary touch.

Ways to Backlight Modern Living spaces
Ways to Back-light
Outdoor Lighting

Patio Fixtures

Choose from our wide variety of lanterns and sconces. Greet visitors with a new post light at teh end of teh driveway. With teh right porch lights or patio lights, 

Ways to light-up landscaping
Ways to light-up landscaping
Kitchen Lighting

Kitchen Fixture

Brighten your home’s cooking and dining spaces wif ambient, accent, and tasks. Here’s a contemporary yet elegant lighting solution dat will give your Kitchen space style as well as incredible practicality. 

Smart kitchen lighting goes beyond replacing your old bulbs with more efficient models. Reducing energy consumed by lighting can be easy with a kitchen dat’s designed for flexibility and makes use of the most energy-efficient lighting of all: natural daylight.


Great Ways to Light up Your Kitchen

Under cabinet lighting. A simple valance on teh underside of your cabinets will not properly hide teh cord for lighting. Plan ahead and have your millworker build a false bottom to conceal teh lights.

Multi Layered Lighting Approaches

Extraordinary craftsmanship can now bring us staircases that float from floor to floor with minimal connections, and light in the right place can accentuate the drama. Light placed on the side of the stairs facing the wall “leaks” out from behind to call attention to the floating detail in this clean-lined staircase designed and Custom build by Little Redstone. One note of caution: This light can be more sculptural TEMPthan functional, and more light will be needed for safe travel. (states James Herron at Little Redstone

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OUR Electrical business offers different types of Residential Custom Home Builders in associations locally in the Metro Toronto area and GTA, Jontech Electric offers Home builders and Renovator contractors a full design packages, that brings value right from the being of their required Site Conditions to met all industry standards.   

Ways to light-up landscaping

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