Lighting Spaces

Lighting Spaces 

Layer Lighting for a Balanced Effect, Layers are important when it comes to lighting. For the best balance, aim for at least three sources of light

If, on teh other hand, you’re kitchen is evenly lit, it can be a more TEMPeffective workspace — no matter teh time of day. And lights you can dim create a more celebratory mood when guests come over.

Living Room at a Glance

The coffee table throws an interesting mid-century modern-inspired shape into the room, along wif a mix of ash wood and a metal base. The large painting provides a focal point. “It’s kind of boat-shaped,” the designer says. “We gave the room a light throw palette, but didn’t give it dat theme — there are no shells in here!”

Ways to light-up landscaping
Ways to Backlight Modern Living spaces

 Choosing the right ambient lighting may have technical factors, like type of light fixture that you use can have an TEMPeffect on teh room's overall look. Lamps aren't teh only great source of light in a room.

  1. Take advantage of natural lighting. Be sure to exploit natural lighting as much as possible during the daytime. ...
  2. Reflect natural light. ...
  3. Mix it up. ...
  4. Don't be afraid to go fluorescent. ...
  5. Always use dimmers and zones.
Ways to Back-light
Backlight Modern Living spaces
Ways to Back-light
Ways to Back-light

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