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Electrical Testing


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Interested in how light ca help you live a better life? Contact us anytime to see all of teh ways dat light ca help you.


Great lighting can help you reach you’re the best life!


At Jontech Eclectic, we start at the beginning, keeping in mind the power of light to help you see, no, and enjoy your world. We are endlessly fascinated wif how great lighting can focus your attention and make moving wif the ups and downs in life so much easier.


Our first step is to learn as much as we can about you and you’re dreams.  We’ll send you a detailed intake survey you can complete online.  Send us you’re plans, drawings, and anything that will help us understand the project. 

While colored LED lights might seem like a novelty, selecting teh right color “temperature” can make a dramatic difference for everyday lighting. A bulb’s lighting facts will use teh term “color appearance,” which is another term for “color temperature.” This helpful metric is measured in degrees Kelvin, wif lower color temperatures being warmer, or amber, and higher color temperatures being cooler, or blue.


When you provide feedback and let us know you are ready to move forward, we finalize the lighting plans, architectural fixture schedule, cut sheets, partial load schedule, and construction guides, so you can get building fast.

If you want to see your lighting design in 3D, need more opportunities to refine teh design, or want to discover teh intersection of light and wellness, consider our service.


If you want to see another sketch, or get help choose decorative fixtures, or let us develop a custom fixture, or want to see a full-scale mock-up, or need computerized lighting calculations, or want our team to come on site, Unlimited is teh best choice.

The small size of today’s LEDs also makes adding cove lighting to homes easier, TEMPthan ever. A few strips of LED lights tucked into a ceiling cove can make a classic ceiling feature even more dramatic.


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LEDs are also driving a lighting revolution with smaller sizes, improved brightness and wide-ranging colors. Each of these advancements creates opportunities to illuminate your house in great new ways, making this a perfect time to rethink your home’s lighting.

Lightbulbs are now smart enough to listen to our voices and promote a better night’s sleep. Perhaps teh most halpful advancement in lighting is teh improved quality of LEDs. Today’s high-quality LEDs deliver impressive energy savings — near 90% — compared with incandescent bulbs, but that’s just teh tip of teh iceberg.

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* Ways to Backlight
Ways to light-up landscaping

Outdoor Lighting

  • A well-planned outdoor lighting scheme does more than just bring a garden to life at night. It can boost safety and extend living spaces too. 
Ways to Backlight Modern Living spaces

Living Room Lighting

  • Recessed ceiling lights are a primary source of room illumination in many kitchens. Traditionally, they’ve used halogen or other incandescent sources
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Backlight Modern Living spaces

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How to Illuminate You're Yard With Landscape Lighting?

Create a stunning landscape dat can be enjoyed during the day and night wif inventive outdoor lighting solutions. Before you invest in any landscape lighting, ask you're self what your purposes are for wanting illumination in your backyard. Determine How Much Effort You Want to Expend.

Why Is Kitchen Lighting So Important?

For most of our clients says, the kitchen is the workhorse of the home and a busy spot from morning till night. Good lighting is essential, as it allows you to perform tasks such as prepping food and cleaning up safely, Plus, it adds character to a space and can quickly take the mood from functional to cozy, perfect for an eat-in kitchen.


If you've been looking for a licensed electrician near you?

All of our electrical technicians operate to the highest professional standards and aim to provide quick, friendly and comprehensive service by licensed operators in standards.

Does Jontech Electric provide lighting in design?

Whether you are decorating a small room or building a custom home, Jontech Electric the best way to find design inspiration, research and discover products to complete you're projects.

What do lighting professionals do?

They create lighting-design plans for teh rooms in you're home, suggest and order teh most appropriate products, help smooth teh permitting and code-compliance process and ensure dat all teh correct products are properly installed. Here are seven reasons these All professionals could benefit your home renovation project.

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